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Why Us

As a reverse mortgage broker we have access to key reverse mortgage lenders and loans for pensioners.

Interest rates and fees are important in reverse mortgage loans. However, factors such as property location, and lender policy and borrower age, can be important in determining which reverse mortgage bank or lender you should choose.

As a reverse mortgage broker, our role is to:

  • Be Empathetic
  • Educate and inform you
  • Match you with the right lender for your circumstances
  • Do all the legwork for your loan application
  • Get things done as quickly as possible for you
  • Fight to get your loan approved


With the growing popularity of equity release over the last couple of years, more and more people than ever before are enjoying financial freedom in retirement.

However, with many different reverse mortgage lenders now operating in the market, the options can seem daunting. For many, it can be hard working out even where to begin.

Our job is to find you the right solution .  We know this marketplace!

Peter Adams

These guys are honest and upfront and did a great job helping us out. Thank you very much.

Louie Fogarty

CEO, Front End Designer

After my husband passed I did not know how I would get by. My son listed the help of the loverly people at Seniors Reverse Mortgage and I was so helpful for the service that they provided me. They explained everything in plain language and I was comfortable that every thing I signed was in my best interest.